Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The PeePee Patrol

I just wanted to share a cute story that happened a few minutes ago. I was sitting at the computer on facebook and Randy was upstairs. I had been sitting there a few minutes and realized Hailey was being really quiet and then i heard a scrubbing noise.
I guess I need to preface this by saying that Hailey has been saying "potty" to me the last few days so when she says that I take her to the potty and let her sit on it for a little while. I haven't gotten her a potty for her yet so I don't really expect her to do anything on the big potty. All that to say, she was running around without her diaper on because i take it off for her to sit on the potty.
Back to the story...So I'm sitting there and I hear the scrubbing noise. I turn around, and apparently Hailey has had a little accident on the floor so she had gone over to the cabinet and gotten a sponge out and was sitting there in the floor trying to clean her peepee up. She also is afraid of walking on the floor when it is wet. She had quite a bad spill one day when the floor was wet. So I try to get her up so I can finish cleaning it and she starts wailing because she is so scared. So i got a paper towel and cleaned it up and had to literally stand her in the dry spot where the peepee was to convince her it was okay to walk.
She got over it in a few minutes and was standing at the bottom of the stairs yelling "RANDY!

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