Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's that time again...

I really enjoy writing hailey-isms. I really write them to keep a record of the cute stuff she says but I also hope that those who do read it find humor in her little 2 year old language. So here are the latest hailey-isms...

-"buff-a-teef"- brush teeth. This is one of my faves.
-"alonen"- another one
-"tuvey-dup"- cover up
-"pay tado"- play play-doh...her newest obsession
-"chotolate molt"- chocolate milk. The kid seriously LOVES chocolate milk... so much so that her and randy made a "chocolate milk dance" that they do every time she gets chocolate milk. Her father has created a monster.
-"toot"- cute
-"heydoo usut"- hey dude, what's up. She has been listening to her daddy and uncle Seth too much.
-"uhhdooooin"- what are you doing. and yes she does say it just like that.
-"waaayeeeer"- where. She doesn't have much of a country accent but this particular word makes up for all of it.
-"wite"- why. For some reason she puts a "t" on the end of it.
-"i wunnin"- I'm running.
-"dive-a-hair"- dry your hair

I also wanted to right a couple of cute things she has been doing recently:
-We just moved and she has a new room that has a big girl bed in it which she loves and we are so happy about. But every time someone comes over she wants to show them her new room with her big girl bed and she goes around to each wall in her room and says "peent" (pink.) She is very excited about the fact that her room is pink and she wants everyone to know it.
-Also at our house we have our church right behind us which comes in handy when hailey wants to play outside because we have the playground right there. But she calls the church's playground "Nena's park" because Nena used to live here and would take her over there to play. She still calls this Nena's or Poppa's house sometimes and sometimes she will point to something and say that it is there's but she does understand that it's her house so it's all good.
-She has gotten to where lately she has to be wearing some type of jewelry and has to have a purse. I'm not sure where this girly-girl came from but it's super cute.
-Two of her most recent phrases that we hear a lot are "I'n play with boys" and "I'n doe shoppin." She is only, two mind you, and she already wants to play with boys and go shopping. Help.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The start of a new adventure!

I am one of those people who actually enjoys grocery shopping. But I hate the drive home. I bite my nails and sweat the whole way in fear that I just spent WAY too much at the grocery store. I really feel like I do the best I can. I buy pretty much Wal-mart brand everything and still end up with a ridiculous grocery bill and nothing to make for dinner. I don't know if anyone else out there is feeling my pain on this but I have to say I think I have had enough.
I have recently started clipping coupons. I have been inspired by a lady on the internet that a friend referred to me. She is the coupon queen. I used to clip coupons but I honestly never felt it was worth the time to sit and clip. But I have been introduced to a new way of shopping...and it really is going to be a new adventure for me. I have always watched for sales at Lowes Foods and places like that but I have recently learned that with a little bit of time and a little bit of thinking skills (which I try to use occassionally!) you really can save a ridiculous amount if money at the grocery store...and better yet the drug store.
Below are two seperate shopping trips that I took. I did have to clip coupons and I did have to sit down and map out my shopping trip but it was totally worth it in the end. I saved a grand total of $67.05.
My first trip was to Lowes Foods yesterday afternoon. I already knew I needed cake stuff for Hailey's party this weekend and they just happened to have a sweet deal on their Betty Crocker Stuff plus I had some coupons. With a little effort I was able to turn a $36.18 trip into a $16.97 trip. Here is my pic from that trip:

---4 boxes of supreme brownie mix, 2 boxes of cake mix, 3 packages of cookies, 4 tubs of frosting, and 12 cups of yogurt---

This next pic is from my trip today which I am very proud of because I saved $47.84 and I worked pretty hard on it. I owe it to my friend Chantelle who walked me through over the phone how to make the separate transactions at Walgreens because they are kind of picky and I have never really shopped there before. I also thank DeShawn, the lady at Walgreens, who helped me when the other check out lady didn't know what to do with all of my coupons. My total bill was $76.99 and I paid $26.15

---4 canisters of Lysol wipes, 2 Lysol toilet cleaners, 2 Crest pro health moushwashes, 2 Gillette Fusion razors, 2 bottles of Downy fabric softener, 1 oral-b toothbrush and 1 tube of Crest toothpaste---

I spent all together $43.12 on everything you see here! I can honestly say it was well worth the time I put into clipping coupons and navigating sale papers. I think I may have found a new hobby!