Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Hailey-isms Worth Sharing...

Hailey is starting to get quite the vocabulary and Randy and I both enjoy hearing her talk and trying to decipher what she is saying. I wanted to share just a few of the most recent Hailey-isms that i thought to be "post-worthy."

- "Ranny, tumineer an sinda pud!" -translation- "Daddy (who she sometimes calls Randy," come in here and sit in the tub!" The story behind this one is she is sitting in the bathtub and Randy is in the next room. She wants Randy to come sit in the bathroom with her so this is how she phrases it. Too cute, huh? This one is my absolute favorite!
-"i nawaaanna!" -translation- "I don't wanna" No explanation needed...not our favorite phrase of hers.
-"Sinnare" -translation- "Sit there." She will literally point to the exact location on the floor/chair/step that she wants you to sit on...usually right next to her and the toy she is playing with."
-"Ine tall daddy onda wone" -translation- "I want to call daddy on the phone." I hear this several times a day but you could replace daddy with beepa, mimi, nena, or poppa, and sometimes bubby.
-"Mommy, Ine huuunry. Ine eeeet." -"Mommy i'm hungry. I want to eat." This one is pretty simple but it is the one i hear most often throughout the day. She has the appetite of her father... or a small grizzly bear...whichever you see closest.
-Mommy, Ine paaay." -translation- "Mommy, I want to play" or "Mommy, I want to pray." If we are sitting down to a meal she is very adamant about praying before she eats (while she doesn't understand the concept yet we are so glad she is forming the habit) so if we haven't offered our hands to her and said "let's pray" she makes sure we do. Or if she is having to sit still or is doing something she doesn't want to do it's "I want to play." You just have to check out the situation.
""Mommy, Ine tanny" -translation- "Mommy, I want candy." We pretty much hear this one all day to. Sometimes she will whisper it in our ear like it's a secret and that is super cute...but we literally hear it all day.

Well that's all the hailey-isms I can think of right now. She will probably be upset with me when she's older for posting these blogs and pictures of her but I only do it because I love her to death and she is the cutest kid on the these two parents' opinions anyway. Here are some goofy pictures of Hailey to go along with her goofy sayings. We love you Hailey!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Christmas

This Christmas has been pretty exciting for me. Hailey is almost two and is really starting to have things that she enjoys, i.e Ariel, Elmo, coloring, animals. So it is a little easier picking out her Christmas presents this year than it was last year. This is also our first year that Nena and Poppa have been in Jamaica so we have so looked forward to having them come in for the holidays. We will also be finding out what our new little baby is going to be just 2 days before Christmas so that is enough present for me. I told Randy that all I wanted for Christmas was to find out what our baby was going to be and to get some new underwear that actually fits. I don't ask for much. I have had a little bit harder time with this pregnancy than I had with Hailey. Not physically. It has actually been much easier physically. Just harder emotionally and mentally. With Hailey the thought of something happening during the pregnancy never once crossed my mind. But since she was born I have had 3 close friends have miscarriages so the thought of that happening to us has set up camp in the back of my mind. I pray about it and talk with Randy about it and now that I am starting to actually feel the baby move on a fairly regular basis i feel much better. But I still feel like I just want to have this baby so I can quit worrying. But I do trust that God's hand is on us and that whatever happens it is always for His glory. Anyway, I am counting down the days till Christmas because I can't wait to watch Hailey open up her "prizes." Here are our Christmas pics for this year!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Pics

Today I took Hailey to Old Salem with some of her and my buddies from church. Hailey didn't necessarily have fun having her picture taken but she did enjoy the big open field she could play in. Here are some of the pics!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Yesterday was Labor Day so we decided to go to the Natural Science Center. Hailey had went once already several months ago with her Mimi and Grandpadude but had never been with us. She loved it. The coolest part to her I think was the animals. She loved the monkeys and every time we said something about a monkey she would sing the song from one of her books "No more monkeys jumping on the bed." That is the only part that she knows. She also loves snakes and was actually able to touch an albino rat snake. She thought that was pretty cool. They also had a really cool play area for preschool aged children where you could pretend plant a garden and grocery shop and play in the kitchen. The groceries were real boxes from the grocery store that had been emptied and stuffed and taped back. She kept bringing them over to me and saying "please" because she wanted whatever was in it. You would seriously think that we never feed her! All in all it was great day. She was a very goo girl minus the tantrum at the otter exhibit. Here are a few pics to enjoy!

The PeePee Patrol

I just wanted to share a cute story that happened a few minutes ago. I was sitting at the computer on facebook and Randy was upstairs. I had been sitting there a few minutes and realized Hailey was being really quiet and then i heard a scrubbing noise.
I guess I need to preface this by saying that Hailey has been saying "potty" to me the last few days so when she says that I take her to the potty and let her sit on it for a little while. I haven't gotten her a potty for her yet so I don't really expect her to do anything on the big potty. All that to say, she was running around without her diaper on because i take it off for her to sit on the potty.
Back to the story...So I'm sitting there and I hear the scrubbing noise. I turn around, and apparently Hailey has had a little accident on the floor so she had gone over to the cabinet and gotten a sponge out and was sitting there in the floor trying to clean her peepee up. She also is afraid of walking on the floor when it is wet. She had quite a bad spill one day when the floor was wet. So I try to get her up so I can finish cleaning it and she starts wailing because she is so scared. So i got a paper towel and cleaned it up and had to literally stand her in the dry spot where the peepee was to convince her it was okay to walk.
She got over it in a few minutes and was standing at the bottom of the stairs yelling "RANDY!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Hailey is just a week over 18 months old now. Yesterday was her first time using her big girl bed. And when i say big girl bed, it's really just her crib converted into a toddler bed. She is so cute in it though. I have been wanting to change her over to that for a while but we haven't had the money to get her a toddler bed. My original intentions were to get a toddler bed and save her crib for the next child...but I was tired of waiting. She did a lot better than I thought. I converted it before her naptime because I wanted to try it out for the first time at naptime rather than bedtime. She was super excited about it because she could climb on and off of it all by herself. When it was finally time for her nap she climbed up in her bed and we read a book and told her she needed to lay down and go to sleep. I had only taken like 2 steps toward the door when she jumped out of her bed. I gave her a spanking and told her to stay in her bed and if she got out of her bed again she was getting another spanking...and of course...she wanted to make sure I was true to my word and out of bed she popped again. Spanking #2. Finally, I left the room and got down on my hands and knees and watched her from under the door. She hung on the side of her bed for a few minutes and finally her feet plopped onto the floor. Spanking #3. To my surprise though that was it. Only 3 spankings. After the third one she cried for a few minutes and went to sleep. I was pretty impressed. Last night it only took me warning her of the spanking to come if she got out of the bed, the spanking that she got when she got out of bed and another warning of what was to come if she got out again and off to sleep she went. I can only hope potty training will be this simple...

Friday, March 27, 2009

my purchase...

so i bought a sewing machine yesterday. the thing is...i don't know how to sew. this may seem like a waste of money but the thing is i have always wanted to learn how to sew. i want to make quilts and fun decorative pillows and dresses for hailey and sew randy's jeans pockets so his pens and coins will stop falling out. i feel like it was a good purchase...let's consider it an investment. i just figure if i get really good at it we will save money. i first need to learn how to thread the needle through the bobbin and up until about 16 hours ago i didn't even know what a bobbin was. anyway, i am very excited, and i figured if i got REALLY good i could even contribute financially to the family by making things and selling them on etsy or ebay. i think i may take a class at michael's or something. i know it sounds like i am trying to justify my purchase...i am not...i am very confident in my purchase...just not in my skill...but i will learn. btw, randy asked me after we left target and were on our way home after buying it if this meant that we had to homeschool our 9 children and make their clothes out of his old jeans...i assured him that that was not the reasoning or the result of owning a sewing machine...not that their is anything wrong with that =)
and that's not all...i got a much needed haircut today...which i am also very excited about. anyway...until tomorrow...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My First Blog

So this is my first blog. Well, not first ever, just first on this site. Several years ago I used the XANGA site to do my blogging. I'm not sure if XANGA still exists or not but oh well. The purpose of this blog is for my venting purposes. I love to write but I do not do much of it. I honestly don't care if no one ever reads my blogs. I just need to put my thoughts on paper (or a computer screen) sometimes. I also want to be able to share what God is teaching me and what He is doing in my life. This is probably the only blog that will ever have capital letters because i am way too lazy to have to push two keys at once. I am married to an awesome guy. We have a 13 month old little girl who has brightened our lives and made us really realize how awesome God is. We go to Edgefield Baptist Church and love it. I am a stay-at-home mom. That is what I have always wanted to do and feel blessed that God has put us in a situation where I am able to do that. Anyway...I guess that is it for my first blog!