Monday, July 12, 2010

"God is sad. Him needs his mommy."

It has been a while since I have posted. About five months to be exact. Our sweet little Hailey is getting to be such a big girl. I was going to do another post about "hailey-isms" but her speech has gotten so good that you (or at least I) can understand most of what she is saying. I do however, need to write down the things that she is saying because there is almost nothing better than the thoughts of a 2-year-old.
This morning she and I were sitting down reading her little Bible and we were talking about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and it was talking about how it makes God sad when we disobey Him. I was trying to explain it to her in a way she could understand. She sat there for a minute with a sad look on her face and said "God is sad. Him needs his mommy." I honestly didn't know what to say. Can you explain to a 2-year-old that God doesn't exactly have a mommy? And then we were doing the questions at the end of the story and the first one was "Can you think of something you have done to disobey your mom and dad." She replied after a moment to think, "Yeah...I dit out of my bed." HALLELUJAH!...she is learning! It's the little things , ya know!
As most of you know we have added a new addition to our home, Caleb Joshua Titus. He has melted my heart already. He is so sweet and cuddly. I love seeing Hailey interact with him, too. It is just so sweet. She is always telling me " Mommy, he tho thweet" and "mommy, him pwecious" and "Mommy, him twying. Him needs hith pathy." I am surprised how gentle she is with him. She is not normally a rambunctious kid but i didn't expect her to be as gentle as she is with him.
As good as she has been, I know it has been hard on her not getting as much attention as she was getting before her little brother came along. She has had her share of meltdowns but she really has been great. I have been trying to take her out once a week even if it's just a couple of hours just so I can spend some time just me and her. I have been taking her to the water park the last couple of weeks. She loves to go on dates. I'm not sure if she considers it a date when it's just me and her. She usually goes on dates with her daddy and her Beepa (my dad.) Either way I enjoy my time with her. If you take her on a date and ask her where she wants to go she will more than likely tell you she wants to go to "Chit-Lay" (Chick-fl-A.) And if you ask her what she wants to eat she has her list down pat of what she wants...." Chitten, fwies, chotalate molt, and ithe tweem." If you didn't catch that, it was chicken, fries, chocolate milk, and ice cream. Healthy and nutritious, I know. But it's a date. You're allowed to splurge on a date, right?
Last story for the day...our pastor's wife, Holly, is Hailey's buddy, and every wednesday and friday we go over to the church to see Holly and Holly gives her candy. Holly has taught Hailey about putting candy in her pockets. So now, every time she wears something that has pockets on it she thinks she needs some candy to put in it. Yesterday morning, i put a little sundress on her and it had pockets. When I got the dress on her, she immediately put her hands in her pockets and said, "Mommy, I dot pottets! I need tanny for my pottets!" Like I said, it's the little things in life =)

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