Thursday, October 7, 2010


Caleb will be five months old next wednesday so today I decided to let him try some cereal. He was too cute eating it. After the first couple of "bites" he couldn't get enough. I had just fed him about 10 minutes before giving him the cereal and he was scarfing it down like he hadn't eaten in days.

He sneezed a couple of times while he was eating and spewed cereal everywhere and he thought that was hilarious. He would get the biggest grin on his face and giggle a little. He kept putting his fists and his bib in his mouth. I made a little bit for him just to try and he finished that and was like freaking out because he wanted more so I made him some more and he watched every spoonful go into his mouth. I guess he is going to be a "Big Hungry" like his daddy! I just can't believe he is old enough to be eating cereal already!

"Mommy, this is where you put the spoon."


  1. Hims is hungry mommy.....wish I could be there to hear his giggles. Love you very much.