Friday, April 1, 2011

"Because I'm a girl..."

It's been a while since I posted any "Hailey-isms" so here ya go..

Her new thing is wearing her sunglasses everywhere. Inside. Outside. Daytime. Nighttime. She isn't over her rain boots yet either. She still wears them quite often so on any given day she has rain boots, sunglasses and something purple on. Which brings me to the next "Hailey-ism"...
Her new favorite color since her third birthday is purple. If you ask her what her favorite color is she will tell you, "Purple. But I also like pink." And if you are a girl, you are also supposed to like pink and purple. If you are a boy you are supposed to like green and blue. Last night she was trying to get me to lay in her bed with her for a little while and her best ploy was to tell me, "Well, (which she usually starts an argument with...) boys like blue so that's why Daddy can sleep in his room but you are a girl so you have to sleep in here because my room is pink." Needless to say I laid down with her for a few minutes because seriously, how could I say no to that argument?
"But I'm a girl!" has become her reasoning/excuse for everything. "I need a cat because I'm a girl." "I can't do that because I'm a girl." "Caleb can't play with this because he's a boy and I'm a girl and this is something that girls play with." "I should probably eat some fruit snacks because I'm a girl." Im not sure I understand this reasoning...
She frequently tells me that she needs some check-up for her kitchen...meaning she needs some ketchup for her chicken. Or she will ask me if I an get her something from the This mix-up is a little humorous =)
"Look how high I can jump!" "Look what I can do!" She has definitely gotten more daring. Now, she is still afraid of flushers in public restrooms, inflatables, the vacuum and the "fish shadow" that the curtain makes in her room at night. Oh, and the twirly slide...for reasons we don't need to go into. But I have found her standing on her table in the back room and she likes to jump on the couch, which she is not supposed to do.
She is a nerd like me. In school, I was always the one who had to sit at the front of the class so I could pay attention and take notes. I still have to sit on the front row at church because I get distracted so easily. At storytime at the library every Tuesday, Hailey always asks to sit at the front and she grabs her little pad to sit on and stares at the "teacher" the whole time. She's funny because the teacher will do these little rhymes that have motions to them and as soon as she realizes I'm watching her she stops doing the motions and sits back down so I have had to stop watching her...or at least not let her see me watching her.
I hate to leave Caleb out. He isn't talking yet, except to say "Dadda" and to babble but he does some cute stuff too.
He has gotten pretty good about obeying me when I tell him not to touch something or not to put something in his mouth but the last couple of days when I tell him not to do something he gives me this little grunt of disapproval It's kind of hard not to snicker sometimes. He still does what I say but he gives this little grunt as to say "I'll do what you say but I don't have to like it.".
He is also recognizing people a lot. Like, if I ask him "Where's Daddy?" or "Where's Hailey?" he looks around for them and when he finds them he smiles at them. And he loves Cooper. I think Cooper may be his second favorite "person" in the house.
He pulls up on everything...everything. And he likes to pull all of the books off of the shelf. And he loves to play ball. He is my squishy baby =)


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  2. Hailey is looking a little grown up in this pic. I love her flair for life...Nena is liking the shades and I have always loved her in her rain boots. She is little miss personality....and a lot like you. Caleb is just as handsome as can be....and a lot like his daddy. I am trying to hold on for a few more weeks...this stretch has been exceptionally difficult for me. Can't wait to see you you.