Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I know most kids get out of school for Labor Day but since Randy never gets to do school with the kids we decided we would do school today. We really enjoyed having him there to do our activities with...although we had to call him down a couple of times for playing with the glue...

Building a tower like our Bible lesson of the Tower of Babel
Working on pre-writing skills

Doing some counting for math

Practicing using scissors

Fun times with Daddy

Making a blueberry "shakey" with Daddy
We even got a lesson in agriculture =)

We love it when Daddy's home!


  1. Love the pics and for the record, Randy has always played with glue. :) Love you and miss you bunches. Hugs and kisses, NENA and POPPA

  2. Love ALL of the pics!!! Love you guys!-Stef