Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Boy With Many Names and Many Shoes...

He is a child with many names. Cheeks McGhee. The "Ucky" Patrol. Little Hungry (his Daddy being Big Hungry.) Little Randy. Little Cay-Cay. Number 2. Caleb Joshua...because sometimes just Caleb isn't enough...
He is our sweet boy and he is bursting with personality.
He is starting to talk a lot. Well, he has always talked a lot but now he is getting more understandable. He knows the sounds of a duck, a cow, a dog, an owl, a pig, a sheep, and a train.
 He knows where his eyes, ears, hair, belly button, nose, mouth, cheeks, hi-bi's (his rear end), fingers, toes, arms, knees and elbows are. 
He loves to read and loves watching "Tee-Dee" (TV) especially the Leapfrog video, "The Letter Factory." He has actually learned some letters and their sounds from watching it.

He has a bit of a shoe fetish these days. He mainly loves wearing his sister's Hello Kitty rain boots but he has been caught wearing multiple other shoes he finds around the house.

He is a bit of a nerd like his daddy. He loves playing on the computer (which is actually off limits, hence, the surprised look on his face in the picture below.) He likes buttons and light switches and electronics and he loves sitting down and taking his time trying to figure something out. 

He loves playing in the bathtub. However, a couple of weeks ago he accidentally pooped in the tub and since then he has been on "Ucky Patrol." Anytime anything is floating in the bathtub (lint, dirt, etc...usually not poop...) he lets me know by saying "ucky" over and over until I fish it out. He does this also with anything on the floor or the table or his shirt or his hands. He even jumped up in his bed one night while we went in to check on him before we went to bed and started wiping his bed over and over saying "ucky, ucky, ucky" all while he was still asleep. The poor kid dreams about uckies. 

The kid still loves to eat and he is not very picky either. He loves fruits and most vegetables. He really will eat just about anything. We call him "Little Hungry" because he has an appetite like his daddy's but lately he has really been fulfilling that role. When he gets finished eating and if Hailey has gotten up already he will get down out of his chair, climb up in hers and finish off her plate too. We say he's running clean-up for us. It's crazy how he eats so much but is still kind of a little guy.  

We are thoroughly enjoying having him as a part of our family. He definitely adds a lot of energy and excitement. He loves to jump and dance and run and play. He wakes up wanting to jump on his bed and goes to bed wanting to wrestle with Daddy in the floor. We couldn't ask for a sweeter boy !

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