Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Hailey-isms Worth Sharing...

Hailey is starting to get quite the vocabulary and Randy and I both enjoy hearing her talk and trying to decipher what she is saying. I wanted to share just a few of the most recent Hailey-isms that i thought to be "post-worthy."

- "Ranny, tumineer an sinda pud!" -translation- "Daddy (who she sometimes calls Randy," come in here and sit in the tub!" The story behind this one is she is sitting in the bathtub and Randy is in the next room. She wants Randy to come sit in the bathroom with her so this is how she phrases it. Too cute, huh? This one is my absolute favorite!
-"i nawaaanna!" -translation- "I don't wanna" No explanation needed...not our favorite phrase of hers.
-"Sinnare" -translation- "Sit there." She will literally point to the exact location on the floor/chair/step that she wants you to sit on...usually right next to her and the toy she is playing with."
-"Ine tall daddy onda wone" -translation- "I want to call daddy on the phone." I hear this several times a day but you could replace daddy with beepa, mimi, nena, or poppa, and sometimes bubby.
-"Mommy, Ine huuunry. Ine eeeet." -"Mommy i'm hungry. I want to eat." This one is pretty simple but it is the one i hear most often throughout the day. She has the appetite of her father... or a small grizzly bear...whichever you see closest.
-Mommy, Ine paaay." -translation- "Mommy, I want to play" or "Mommy, I want to pray." If we are sitting down to a meal she is very adamant about praying before she eats (while she doesn't understand the concept yet we are so glad she is forming the habit) so if we haven't offered our hands to her and said "let's pray" she makes sure we do. Or if she is having to sit still or is doing something she doesn't want to do it's "I want to play." You just have to check out the situation.
""Mommy, Ine tanny" -translation- "Mommy, I want candy." We pretty much hear this one all day to. Sometimes she will whisper it in our ear like it's a secret and that is super cute...but we literally hear it all day.

Well that's all the hailey-isms I can think of right now. She will probably be upset with me when she's older for posting these blogs and pictures of her but I only do it because I love her to death and she is the cutest kid on the these two parents' opinions anyway. Here are some goofy pictures of Hailey to go along with her goofy sayings. We love you Hailey!


  1. Mood....this little girl is so precious and everything she does brings a smile to my face. I love reading your thoughts and just know that Nena is completely in awe of this sweet little girl. I may be the cause of the unending need for "tannee" or "tandy". I am a sucker for that precious little face! Love you...

  2. She is a doll for sure. I can't wait to meet her...someday. Hopefully before she's a teenager! Love you guys!