Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Christmas

This Christmas has been pretty exciting for me. Hailey is almost two and is really starting to have things that she enjoys, i.e Ariel, Elmo, coloring, animals. So it is a little easier picking out her Christmas presents this year than it was last year. This is also our first year that Nena and Poppa have been in Jamaica so we have so looked forward to having them come in for the holidays. We will also be finding out what our new little baby is going to be just 2 days before Christmas so that is enough present for me. I told Randy that all I wanted for Christmas was to find out what our baby was going to be and to get some new underwear that actually fits. I don't ask for much. I have had a little bit harder time with this pregnancy than I had with Hailey. Not physically. It has actually been much easier physically. Just harder emotionally and mentally. With Hailey the thought of something happening during the pregnancy never once crossed my mind. But since she was born I have had 3 close friends have miscarriages so the thought of that happening to us has set up camp in the back of my mind. I pray about it and talk with Randy about it and now that I am starting to actually feel the baby move on a fairly regular basis i feel much better. But I still feel like I just want to have this baby so I can quit worrying. But I do trust that God's hand is on us and that whatever happens it is always for His glory. Anyway, I am counting down the days till Christmas because I can't wait to watch Hailey open up her "prizes." Here are our Christmas pics for this year!

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