Monday, January 11, 2010

"Mo" Hailey-isms

After I wrote the last post on Hailey-isms I thought of a lot "mo" that I could write. I'm sure there will be "mo" to come later.

-"wowies"- flowers
-"nuts"- lips. This one is too funny. She calls lips "nuts." And she LOVES chapstik so several times a day she will come over to me and hold up a tube of chapstik and say "Mommy, pudit onda nuts!" She will hear about this for years to come.
-" meemos"- movies. The first movie that we really sat and watched with her was Finding Nemo and we always just asked her if she wanted to watch Nemo. So now any movie is "meemo"
-"tato"- veggie tales movies. Kinda' weird but that is what she has always called anything veggie tales. She does know Bob and Larry's names but still calls anything veggie tales "tato." And she does love to watch "tato."
-"muh-may"- mermaid. Her favorite "meemo" of her almost 2 years of life is The Little Mermaid. She has started quoting it, which is sad, which is why I have started limiting her time watching it...but it's really cute. it's actually pretty comical to watch her watch it.
-"I shinish"- I'm finished.
-"I'ne shanish"- I want a sandwich.
-"hi-bies"- hiney-buns. That's what we call her rear end.
-"molt and mutties"- milk and muffins...a favorite breakfast of ours.
-"fote"- fork...or spoon...whichever one she is currently holding.
-"messin"- medicine
-"Teenup teenup ebody ere. Teenup teenup body sare"- "Clean up, Clean up everybody everywhere. Clean up clean up everybody do your share."
-"ronies"- macaroni and cheese. Other than candy it's her favorite food. She asks for it every day for lunch. I would actually eat it every day too because it's one of my favorites but come on...we have to have some variety.
-"titten"- kitchen...or chicken. Just depends on the situation.
-"A B Thee"- She loves to sing her "A B Thees"
-"baby butter Taylobe"- baby brother Caleb. This is one of my favorites. The other night she told me she was "cited bout baby butter Taylobe"
-"bayntee"- blankie. She has a favorite that her Aunt Candy gave her for a shower gift and she loves it. She has told me that she is going to give it to "Taylobe." That was cute because it was just a random statement she made one night.
-"wuv too much"- I love you very much.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed!

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