Friday, July 22, 2011

Elephant Walks, Loveys, and Sibling Rivalry

It's Been a while since I've shared about the kids so here ya go. I'll start with Caleb.

Oh, where to start...He's wild...I mean WILD! I love his craziness. He is usually jumping in his bed in the morning when I go get him. He's still eats like a champ...his new favorite foods being blueberries, chicken nuggets, froot loops and milk. My kids put away a ridiculous amount of milk. I have seriously considered investing in a cow. But who am I kidding? I would have no idea what to do with one if I had one.

He is finally walking. Yes, at over 14 months of age he is finally walking. Now, it isn't his main mode of transportation yet. He still enjoys the elephant walk (the hands and feet walk that Mogli does in the Jungle Book with the baby elephant.) That is his main mode. At any given time of day you will hear him doing the elephant walk through the house and squealing at the top of his lungs.

He loves to be outside. He loves to go swimming. He LOVES to play ball. He is such a good self-entertainer. I don't know if it's his personality or the fact that he's the second child or what but he could sit in the back room for an hour and play by himself. But, who could let something so stinkin' cute play by himself for that long?

He still smells like graham crackers when we check on him at night. I know he is eventually gonna smell like sweaty boy so I am enjoying it while I can. He loves his lovey. I had no intention of doing a lovey with him but he had other plans. He has this green bear blankey that he had become attached to and it is so incredibly cute how he will pull it out from the slats of his crib and sit in the floor during play time and just snuggle it. SO CUTE!

And, at 14 months of age, he is becoming a master at pestering his sister. Now, she is a little on the sensitive side anyway, but he definitely knows how to push her buttons. They usually spend the first 40 minutes or so after breakfast and after lunch fighting. I have done pretty much everything I know possible to get them to play nicely together during that time but I think they just need to get the "I need to do everything to irritate my sibling" out of their system and then they are usually good for the rest of playtime. So I just turn the music up and let them have at it. Don't judge me =)

He gets loopy at bedtime. He loves to play blocks. He likes being thrown in the air and wrestled with. He likes to sing in the car. He's such a sweet boy.

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