Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Growing older...

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Randy's 26th birthday with family and friends.

A few nights before that Hailey and Randy were talking about what different color hair people had. Some people had blonde. Some people had brown. Some people had black. Some people had white. Randy asked Hailey what color hair Poppa has. She thought for a second and said, "I don't know." He replied, "Poppa doesn't have hair silly." Hailey asked, "Why doesn't he have hair?" He told her that sometimes when people get older they lose their hair.

Fast forward to the day of Randy's party. We are getting ready for it and I asked Hailey if she was excited about Daddy's birthday party. She thought for a second looking a little troubled and replied, "Yes, but I really hope Daddy doesn't lose his hair at his party."

She had been worried all that time that Randy was going to lose his hair. And to make it worse, she and I were having a conversation a while back about how when you get older, like kindergarten and first grade older, that your teeth fall out and you get new ones. This was a concept that I thought she would think was pretty cool. Oh no. She was very distraught about this one. For days, even weeks, when we would say something about her being a big girl or her getting so big she would say, "Yeah, but I really don't want to lose my teeth." I tried to explain to her that you get new ones in really soon but she didn't understand where they came from and I couldn't really explain that one.

So now, not only did we evoke a fear in her of noises in her closet, we also inadvertently gave her a fear of growing older because you lose your teeth and go bald...two enthusiastic thumbs up for our parenting =)

Oh, in case you were wondering, that is a Cheerwine cake and, yes, it was amazing...

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  1. You have once again made me laugh til I cry. Love you guys and miss you so much. Kisses to Hailey and Caleb from Nena and Poppa.