Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Little Swim Babies...

All summer long Hailey has been somewhat terrified of the water. Well, not really terrified, but she DID NOT...under any circumstances...want you to let go of her in the water. I even got her this cool floaty thing to wear and she still freaked out every time we would go to the pool and I would need to let her go. I do have two children mind you.
Caleb likes the water okay. He definitely isn't afraid of it. He is just busy. And when he is in the water he has to either be confined to my arms or confined to his floaty and really all he wants to do is walk around the pool and pick up rocks. Hey, he's a boy.
We had been going every week to our pastor's neighbor's pool with his wife, Holly, and their girls. We had so much fun with them. Holly would kind of work with Hailey on getting used to the water and every time we would go she would freak out the first thirty minutes or so but after that she would be okay.
A few weeks ago, it was on a Monday, we got to the pool and Hailey put her floaty on and got right in the She just got in. Without any help. I don't know what came over her. We were all just looking at her and then looking at each other and shrugging our shoulders. I don't know. I wasn't going to ask any questions. And ever since then she just gets right in. She still doesn't want to jump in but  I'm okay with that.  She putters all around the pool all by herself. It's so cool! We officially have a swimmer in our family.


  1. She is doing it Hailey's way I guess. Caleb is like his dad....he will jump off the diving board without having any clue how to get to the side from there. He is all boy and she is all girl. LOL Love you guys.

  2. Love that last pic of Hailey!!! It is so cute!!! Way to go Hailey bug!!! We love you!!!