Sunday, March 18, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

Well, Hailey has been four for an entire month now so I figured I should post some pics from her birthday. It's crazy how she pretty much turned four over night. She was our little three year old and then just like that she was a big four year old. And not just in age but personality and even looks. She has just grown up so fast!

She really wanted a Rapunzel birthday because that is her favorite princess. And when I asked her which friends she wanted to invite she told me Parker, Griffin, and Matthew. Three boys. I think we are going to be in trouble when she gets older! But they are her buddies so that is who she had for her birthday. Three boys and a Rapunzel Party :)

The Birthday Table

Hailey and Matthew drooling over the Rapunzel cake

Hailey and the boys watching Tangled
Hailey was very excited about the cake Mimi picked out for her!
Although she did NOT want to be sung Happy Birthday to.
She has started getting embarrassed fairly easily these days.

Hailey and her cousin Parker

Excited about some dresses she got. She seriously got the
hook-up on clothes this year for her birthday!

Hailey with her baby that Nena and Poppa got for her.

Hailey and the boys eating pizza and watching Tangled.

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