Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snow Day 2012

The Sunday afternoon after Hailey's birthday we heard that it was supposed to snow. So the kids stayed glued to the back door waiting for the snow to come and, finally, it did. 

In anticipation of the snow falling, and since it may have been our first and last "winter storm" of the season, we decided to build a fire and make a bed of blankets in the floor and watch movies for the evening. The kids really enjoyed having their own bed downstairs and eating popcorn and watching movies by the fire.

So our snow this year was rather pathetic but I had a hunch it may be the only snow we got this year so we bundled the kids up and took them out in the 2 inches of snow that we did get. I guess it was enough for them because they loved it!

It was really the first snow that Caleb has played in. It snowed a couple of times last winter but he wasn't even walking then so he didn't get to enjoy it. 

A snow covered Titus yard

The kids LOVING the snow

Our annual "Cooper with snow all over his nose" shot

Caleb was super excited!

Hailey trying to build a snow man

Randy helping the kids build a snowman

Our pathetic excuse for a snowman.
Yes, he has a tiny baby carrot for a nose.

My three favorite people in the world!

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