Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anybody want a dog?

Four years ago, right after Randy and I got married, we...or...I decided we needed a dog. Well...I told Randy that I either needed a dog or a baby...and he chose dog. A few days later a girl comes into church with a sign she found at the grocery store for a dog that was "Free to a good home." And not only was he "free" he was a golden retriever which is what I/we wanted. So we call the number and make an appointment to go see the dog. He was a 10-month-old adorable golden retriever that ran up to us and rolled over as soon as he saw us. PRECIOUS. We paid no attention to the fact that the house no longer had carpet on the stairs or that the banisters had been chewed. No. We...I...had to have him. So we took Cooper home. And he was great. A few days later we find a nasty note on our apartment door saying we need to bleeping shut-up our bleeping dog. Apparently while we were at work he barked and whined and howled the entire time we were gone. Then, over the course of many months, he ate window sills and tore up carpet and ate three...THREE remotes. We move to our townhouse. He eats our blinds. He chews our banisters. He has a massive blow-out on our bedroom carpet. Fast forward a year and Hailey is born. I hate to say it but I couldn't handle his nastiness anymore so he went to summer camp...i.e. my parents' house. He spent the next year and a half there until we move into Randy's parents' house. We decide to let him live inside because we felt so bad for him. Caleb is born in May. He has moved out of his puppy phase where he has to chew everything but now he all of a sudden decides he has a ravaging appetite for diapers ...yeah...diapers. So I send his rear-end out to the dog lot and eventually switch to cloth diapers. Winter comes and it is way below freezing every night. So we make the decision that he either needs to live back inside or find another family that can allow him to stay inside. He comes inside and does great. Now...he has rekindled his long lost love for diapers. I only use disposables at night but he can't keep his disgusting mouth off of them. I can't give him away because he is like my first child and the kids love him. And I can't send him outside because it is way too cold and he loves being around people. But he is disgusting!!! I have 2 kids. So there are times when a bag of goldfish is left out. Or we forget to shut the laundry room door so the trash is ripe for the picking. I feed the dog twice a flippin' day! And right now, he is sitting on the back steps gawking at me with his big brown puppy dog eyes, begging me to let him in...but he is driving me NUTS! And he knows he has done wrong because he immediately tucks his tail and slumps in shame, YET he continues to do it! I can't get rid of him...I don't think. But, he had better straighten up or when spring comes he is going to become best friends with the dog lot again. Okay, I'm done. I feel better now. It's a good thing we love him...

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