Monday, January 24, 2011

Car Rides, Hiding Spots, and Squealing Children

I had an appointment today at the eye doctor that I used to work for. When I was pregnant with Hailey, on more than one occasion I found myself driving to work in tears as WBFJ played "The Cinderella Song" by Steven Curtis Chapman. I couldn't wait to meet my baby girl and the thought of her dancing with her daddy and just the relationship she would have with her daddy just overwhelmed my emotions. On my way to my appointment today, Chris Tomlin's song, "I Will Follow," came on and once again I found myself in tears because I can hear that same baby girl who is almost three years old now singing at the top of her lungs, "Where you go, I'll go. And where you stay, I'll stay. And where you move, I'll move. I will follow you." I could not control my emotions. There is nothing better than hearing children sing praises to our Lord =)

(And, on a side note, if you haven't heard Chris Tomlin's CD yet, "And If Our God Is For Us," you need to. It's amazing.)

Hailey's favorite thing to do these days is play hide and seek. She pretty much asks everyone who comes over to play with her. She hasn't quite gotten the whole "hiding" concept yet, but it's pretty cute to watch her try =)

"Biter Biscuits" are great. I think Caleb is getting his second tooth and the kid just needs something to chew on. I need him to chew on something. He does this squealing/screaming thing that is...well...ear-pearcing. It isn't a's more of a squeal...but either way, he needs something in his mouth. The downside to biter biscuits...the incredible mess they make.

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  1. I miss playing hide and seek with my sweet bug. Tell her Nena misses chasing her around the house and playing with her. She is the best. I haven't heard the new Chris Tomlin album but I will purchase it in Florida. I love are a great mommy!
    P.S. I love these pics of Caleb...he cracks me up.