Sunday, February 13, 2011

Caleb is 9 months!

Our sweet little Caleb is 9 months old today. He is definitely proving himself to be a little boy. He is wilder than Hailey has ever been and he isn't even walking yet. He is all over the place. He doesn't really like to sit still. And he is LOUD. Not necessarily a bad loud. He just likes to squeal and talk when he plays. His favorite place to play is under the kitchen table. He always manages to find himself under there. He loves playing ball and he likes anything that is round...hailey's baby stroller wheels, Hailey's grocery cart wheels, the treadmill wheels. He loves wires. He is always trying to get under the computer desk to get the wires. He has had his fair share of hand-pops so far, and he is learning not to touch things when we tell him not to. And i think I should start saving now to feed him through his teenage years because he already eats like a horse. He is all boy and I love every bit of him!

Waving "BYE, BYE"

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  1. He is turning out to be a whole bunch like his dad. If you can survive all the high energy and bumps and scrapes, you will enjoy one of the finest sons you could ever ask for. I sure have with Randy. You are a tired mommy, but you are a very good mommy. Love you all sooooo much!