Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Recent Hailey-isms And Introducing Caleb-isms!

-One day she asked for some milk for lunch and I told her "No, we drink water for lunch." She replied kind of under her breath as she walked past me, "Seriously, you're going to give me water when I asked for milk..."I was stunned. It was like she was thirteen already...

-Today at lunch she had eaten everything but her green beans and I told her she needed to eat her green beans before she could get up. I watched her as she put one in her mouth and slowly swallowed it. Then she looked over at me in total Disney Princess fashion and said, " Mom, I just can't do it. They're just...they're just...disgusting." I tried to control my laughter and told her she needed to eat three  before she could get up. She slowly and somewhat dramatically ate her three and got up from the table. 

-A few weeks ago, I don't even remember what she did to get one, but her dad was getting ready to give her a spanking. Right before he got ready to give it to her she blurted out,"Oh daddy, just please don't make it a huge one!" I'd like to be able to say we held our ground and she received a "huge" spanking...but that didn't happen this time :) (She actually didn't get one at all...we just all looked at each other and started was like a Full House episode or something.)

-I don't really know what her deal with "huge spankings" is. I would like to think I/ we are pretty consistent with the severity/level of our spanking giving. But a few days after that last spanking incident she did something to earn a spanking and she got one and afterward she said, "Mom, I really didn't want a huge one. I just wanted a small one." I said, " Well, Hailey, sometimes you just have to get huge ones." She replied, "But "sometimes" isn't right now."

As you can see really isn't her disobedience that earns her most of her's her mouth. Although she does use her mouth for very sweet things, too. I mean seriously, she is just so darn cute!

I am looking forward to starting some Caleb-isms. He does say a lot but most of it I am the only one who knows what he is talking about. He says "brush teeth" (which sounds like duh-dee...emphasis on the "dee") and "read" (which sounds like yeee...and he usually is backing himself up on my lap with a book in his hand as he says it) and Hailey (which sounds like eeeeeya.) He also loves watching for birds outside and gets excited if he hears them chirping. He likes "talking" to dogs. He does a high pitch yipping noise to them. This is his bird "talk" also.

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