Saturday, August 3, 2013

We Can't Go Today...

Last Saturday I had a wedding to do and Randy was going to help me so my mom came over to stay with the kids for a little while. She told me about the conversation she and Caleb had about the Evangecube we have and it went something like this...
     Caleb: "Mimi, this is Jesus dying on the cross."
     Mom: " It sure is."
     Caleb: "When was that?"
     Mom: "It was a long time ago."
     Caleb: "...I sure do miss him..."
     Mom: "Yeah?"
     Caleb: "Do you think we could go see him?"
     Mom: "Well, probably not today."
     Caleb: "Oh, dat's right. Daddy's got the car."


And then one day last week he and I were sitting outside right after nap time, just the two of us and we had this conversation...

     Me: "Hey buddy. I just love you so much."
     Caleb: "Why?" (We are in the "Why Phase." Good times.)
     Me: "Because you are my boy."
     Caleb: He looks up at me with the expression on his face in the picture above and says...
   "And, cuz I'm cute!"

This boy is cute and he knows it!

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